It is the experience that makes Pint + Jigger what it is. Our locally created venue brings flavors from around the world to the island through food and drink. It is the intention to give our patrons the opportunity to escape for a moment and spend some time with us in our modern public house. We have intertwined some amazing craft beers with fantastic original cocktails to couple with some savory food and wrapped it all up in a classic social atmosphere.

We also want to give you some of the best flavors through the seasons. Although, Hawaii doesn’t get much seasonal change, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to taste the varieties. Constant changes to our 21 beers on tap is just the start of how we evolve through the year. Incorporating seasonal ingredients and specially available products helps to dream up the ever changing food and cocktail menus. So join us for the experience.

Additionally, we’ve provided a few avenues to enjoy the experience. Perhaps, you like the traditional bar atmosphere where you can sit and chat with the bartenders. Some might like a private table to keep the conversation close. Others might like a little action with some shuffleboard. A few might like a rail to lean against while watching the game and scoping the horizon. Bigger bunches will flock to the beer garden to share some stories with some strangers or larger groups. Whatever the mood, come for the experience.